If every day had to end with at least one good deed then it has to start with that thought. In the stressful lifestyles that most of us lead, even sharing  a smile is something that needs effort.

Greeting people a heartfelt good morning is such a refreshing thing. It not only spreads positivity, it also gives you back the good wishes. It helps you connect with the humane side and feel for people beyond just business. This has become a habit with me for the last many years and i do believe that it spreads love and a feeling of mutual respect.

Have you tried thanking the cabbie after you pay the fare? Initially they used to nod or ignore out of embarrassment. Now they can manage a ‘welcome’ with a smile. They cherish the fact that we treat them as not a faceless cabbie driver but a person who has done a good deed. They feel recognized.

The guards who open doors for us at restaurants, banks and offices keep doing the same mundane job without as much as a glance from people who pass through the door. Add a smile to his face by thanking him.

A bit of humor always takes off the stress from an over-heated argument. Appreciating and giving into the sense of humor adds that spark and perspective to life. It is important to be aggressive when required to meet goals but light moments can envelope people together despite the professional fights.

Attitude is not defined by how you keep people away but how you attract people towards you. The best of leaders are always humble and attract teams to them. The rest usually end up lonely and bereft of normal human interactions. It is lonely at the top is very apt then.

Gratitude is such a precious aspect of our lives. Nothing can replace the word ,’thank you’ ( including tks/tx and such other short forms). And nothing is as good as a “sorry” when it is due.

A lot of what we are blessed with is also because we are destined and not solely due to our work. So to that a feeling of gratitude is due.  

And none of the above makes any sense if it is not done genuinely.  Both will know how deep or shallow it is. Life teaches us a lot. Among the top rated ones is definitely Humility.

I just bade goodnight to the security staff in the office. I leave the pressures of work behind as I step into the car with a smile that has travelled through the day with me.




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2 Responses to “HEARTFELT”

  1. The Sixth Way, Living “Deeply” | Writing Your Destiny Says:

    […] Heartfelt (sharadasunder.wordpress.com) […]

  2. Abhilash Bhattacharya Says:

    A beautiful thought. “Thank you” is the simplest and most powerful mantra we can live.

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